If you want to improve your skills as a volleyball player (and improve your chances of getting recruited) you’ll need at least the bare amount of equipment–athletic shoes and a volleyball. Below are my recommendations for a few of my favorite products from my favorite brands.

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I love Molten’s volleyballs so much that I hate playing with anything else. You’ll understand what I mean the first time you hit a Molten super hard–it just feels amazing!

The Molten Super Touch comes with a higher price tag than most balls, but it is the official ball of the Women’s NCAA Championships and most major conferences use it exclusively. If you have the budget, then familiarizing yourself with this ball is a great way to prep yourself for playing at the next level. Click here to shop for the Molten Super Touch on Amazon


The Molten L2 comes in at a more reasonable price than the super touch, but is still a great volleyball. Click here to shop for the Molten L2 on Amazon


On the men’s side, the Molten Flistatec is the official NCAA game ball and features a great feel and touch with a super cool design. Like the Molten Super Touch, this ball is more expensive, but the quality is undeniable. Click here to shop for the Molten Flistatec on Amazon


Want the cool look of the Flistatec, but not the hefty price tag? Check out the Molten MS500 Swirl for a decent ball at a killer price. Click here to shop for the Molten MS500 Swirl on Amazon


I hesitate to include my recommendations for shoes because they are such a personal piece of equipment–everyone has different preferences and some shoes work better for certain people. However! Shoes are a minimum requirement for playing volleyball, so if I were to buy a new pair today, I would buy:

The ASICS Women’s Upcourt 2 is a great example of the high quality volleyball shoes that come out of ASICS. There may be a different model that fits your needs/feet better than this one, so I encourage you to look around. Click here to shop ASICS shoes on Amazon

Fun bits and pieces

Tournaments can be noisy. A good pair of over-ear headphones can help you keep your sanity over a long weekend. These Mpow Bluetooth Headphones get 4.5 stars and have nearly 20,000 reviews–if you’re looking for immersive sound for a great price and multiple color options, these are the ones. Click here to shop Mpow Bluetooth Headphones on Amazon