Player Journey: Shelby Dalton

This week’s Player Journey features college and professional athlete, Shelby Dalton! Shelby is from Moab, Utah and played for the University of Utah as an opposite, graduating in 2015. While in college, Shelby dominated the competition and played on both the College National Team and the Pac-12 All-Star team. After college, Shelby went on to … Continue reading Player Journey: Shelby Dalton

Player Journey: Deme Morales

Every player has their own experience with the recruiting process and a unique athletic career—if you want to play at the next level, then getting good advice from older players is crucial. Interviewing professional athletes, coaches, and recruiting coordinators has been a dream of mine and now it’s coming true! I’m so excited to share … Continue reading Player Journey: Deme Morales

What should I look for in a college volleyball program?

There are a lot of decisions you will need to make throughout the recruiting process. One of the biggest questions to answer is, “what should I look for in a college program?” In this post, I walk you through the main considerations every player should make. Academic degrees At the end of your college sports … Continue reading What should I look for in a college volleyball program?

Why play volleyball in college?

There’s already so much going on in college, so why volleyball? Playing a sport in college entails a lot of sacrificeIt also brings a lot of benefits—scholarship, facilities, friends, supportWhat are the best motivations? If you’re reading this post, then I imagine that you’re interested in playing volleyball in college. If you’re at all like … Continue reading Why play volleyball in college?