Player Journey: Allie Davenport

Are you ready for the next step in the recruiting process? This week’s interview comes to us from professional volleyball player Allie Davenport. Allie was a four year starter for UT Chattanooga (class of 2017) before she took her volleyball skills to England and then, most recently, to Sweden. Read on to get Allie’s advice … Continue reading Player Journey: Allie Davenport

Player Journey: Emillie Toone Checketts

Emillie Toone Checketts is a native of American Fork, UT and competed at the highest levels of the NCAA, trained with both Team USA and Team Canada, and won a national championship in the Slovenian professional league! In addition to her playing career, Emillie was also an assistant coach for the women’s volleyball team at … Continue reading Player Journey: Emillie Toone Checketts

From the Sidelines: Stacy Rivoira

In this week’s article, we hear from Stacy Rivoira—a dedicated coach, mentor, and mother! Stacy is an impressive combination of what many coaches and players aspire to be and I’ve had the great pleasure of working alongside her in the past. Rather than an interview, this is more of a guest post by her. Read … Continue reading From the Sidelines: Stacy Rivoira

Money Matters

Playing volleyball at any level is going to run you a little cash—whether it’s paying for league fees or basic equipment, even participating in a local city league is going to cost you something. If your goals are to play in college however, you’ll need to go far beyond the price points of the local … Continue reading Money Matters

Player Journey: Shelby Dalton

This week’s Player Journey features college and professional athlete, Shelby Dalton! Shelby is from Moab, Utah and played for the University of Utah as an opposite, graduating in 2015. While in college, Shelby dominated the competition and played on both the College National Team and the Pac-12 All-Star team. After college, Shelby went on to … Continue reading Player Journey: Shelby Dalton

Player Journey: Kamille Jones

A huge thanks to Kamille Jones for participating in this interview and sharing some of her volleyball playing, coaching, and recruiting knowledge with the rest of us! Kamille is originally from Fort Worth, TX and graduated from Murray State in 2017 as an OH. Now she is a graduate assistant coach at West Texas A&M … Continue reading Player Journey: Kamille Jones

3 things you can do to get the recruiting process started… today!

You may have asked yourself at some point, “how do I get the recruiting process started?” You know that you have big dreams, but planning out how to start and what comes next may be a little fuzzy. This post explains 3 things you can do today to get the ball rolling.  1. Make a … Continue reading 3 things you can do to get the recruiting process started… today!

What are unsigned showcases? How can they help me?

Presidents day weekend is coming up! That means a long weekend and lots of volleyball, including… unsigned showcases! If you’re an unsigned senior, you may feel like you’re running out of time to get noticed by coaches, build relationships, and be offered a position on a college team. While it’s true that you don’t have … Continue reading What are unsigned showcases? How can they help me?

How do I get recruited at big tournaments?

The club season is amazing. Some of my very best volleyball memories come from seasons filled with intense practices, great coaches and teammates, big tournaments, traveling, and matching hair ties. Standing out at big club tournaments is an important part of the recruiting process. So how do you get coaches to recruit you? When it … Continue reading How do I get recruited at big tournaments?